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CARTO-INDEX is a Macintosh software and is based on the reading of an Illustrator file.

Until now, after you typed the names of all the streets in a city plan or a road atlas, you had to manualy type again the complet list, searching for the coordonates with your finger, and to put between quotations, that in a long time (for big cities many days - or weeks also ! - of an annoying work).

Now, you can process an Adobe Illustrator™ or an exported file from Macromedia FreeHand™. Better, with Adobe Illustrator™, you can process any EPS or PostScript file! With only one click on your mouse, CARTO-INDEX:

- Extracts typed texts on text paths

- Extracts coordonates at the beginning and at the end of a text path. Always automatically, CARTO-INDEX looks for the grid referencing (for example A B C D E F G in horizontal index - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 in vertical index). You can choose directly in CARTO-INDEX the numbers of divisions.

In fact, the index is absolutely independent of what you had drawn as index illustration in your artwork. Only the position of the text is used...)

So the result will be:

Fifth Avenue D4-J5

Main Street F5

Washington Street D1-E3

...and so on for thousands names of streets! (note the alphabetic sort of the list).


Contact: Pierre Saunière - e-mail: pierre@ateliergraphique.com



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