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Automatically, CARTO-INDEX processes extracted data from your file with a lot of powerfull parameters:

To make an homogeneous list, you can put in order with an abbreviation function, for example:

av -> avenue

Av.-> avenue

st -> street

str-> street

If you typed more than a space character between two words, CARTO-INDEX deletes the wrong spaces.

Many cartographers use a lot of layers in the artwork file. CARTO-INDEX allows you to select one - or several - layers you want to index (a very appreciated function by users).

CARTO-INDEX allows you to put between quotations AUTOMATICALLY. This powerfull function detects unknowed name, and can put between quotations articles, first names, etc (not very used in English, but used in others languages):

A French example:

If you typed in your artwork: ..... Carto-Index extracts:
bd Jules Verne Verne (boulevard Jules) J3-K4
Av. du Mal Foch Foch (avenue du Marechal) H5

... and so the alphabetic sort will be on the principal (family) name!


Contact: Pierre Saunière - e-mail: pierre@ateliergraphique.com